C.V. Roman Medical Society

The C. V. Roman Medical Society, a local society of the NMA, is a community of physicians in the Dallas/Fort Worth area whose mission is to advance th

  • Health Charity
  • Keller, TX

New England Medical Association

The New England Medical Association (NEMA) is a not-for-profit membership organization designed to build a community of Black physicians and physician

  • Health Charity
  • Boston, MA

Central Florida Medical Society

The Central Florida Medical Society was founded in 1974, when eight (8) African American physicians formed a component society of the National Medical

  • Health Charity
  • Orlando, FL

Aesculapian Medical Society

The Aesculapian Medical Society was established in 1903 and is one of the oldest NMA chapters in the country. African American physicians, dentists,

  • Health Charity
  • Indianapolis, IN

Arkansas Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Association, Inc.

The Arkansas Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Association, Inc. (AMDPA) is a professional association of minority doctors, dentists and pharmacists

  • Health Charity
  • Little Rock, AR

Cream City Medical Society

Cream City Medical Society (CCMS) was named after the cream-colored bricks used to construct many of Milwaukee’s finest buildings. For the CCMS these

  • Health Charity
  • Milwaukee, WI

Sinkler Miller Medical Association

The Sinkler Miller Medical Association was formed in 1969 by physicians located in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties who saw the need to unite and for

  • Health Charity
  • Oakland, CA

Bluff City Medical Society

As an organization, our vision is to establish and maintain physician best practices, lead the way in eradicating healthcare disparities, provide ment

  • Health Charity
  • Memphis, TN

Atlanta Medical Association, Inc.

In 1890, a group of African American health care professionals was organized known as the Atlanta Medical Association of Physicians, Dentists and Phar

  • Health Charity
  • Atlanta, GA

Houston Medical Forum

The Houston Medical Forum was founded in 1926 as a Houston doctors association for black doctors. Today it exists as a component society of the Nation

  • Health Charity
  • Houston, TX